Ajax Rescue Tools
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Ajax Rescue Tools

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For over 45 Years, Ajax Rescue Tools has been recognized as one of America’s finest quality manufacturers for specialty tools and accessories. In discovering a need for our particular type of cutting tools, Ajax Rescue Tools became a pioneer in emergency extrication tools. We introduced our first pneumatic extrication tool kit over 45 years ago, and this has led to a full line of vehicle extrication kits and now our full line of Urban Search & Rescue, Structural Collapse / Confined Space Breaching Kits. From a single kit has grown a complete line of Rescue kits designed to meet the needs and budgets from the smallest volunteer rescue squad to the largest municipal fire department.

Ajax Rescue Tools have been specifically designed and field-proven for many different forms of Vehicle Extrication and Urban Search and Rescue, Structural Collapse / Confined space operations.